Percent Increase Calculations

How to calculate a percent increase.

A quick way to increase a number by a percentage, is to find the percent of your number, and add it to your number.

So, suppose Jerry got a hot stock tip from a friend about some kind of robot butcher. Jerry bought the stock for $10 and it went up 37%. How much is Jerry's stock worth?

  • To get the answer, convert 37% to a decimal, which is .37 . You can find this on your calculator by typing 37 and hitting "%".
  • Now multiply .37 * 10, which is 3.70
  • Now add 3.70 to 10, and you get 13.70 which is your answer.

Another cool trick

You could also solve this problem by multiplying 10 * 1.37, which also gives you $13.70

If Jerry did this trick he could have saved a lot of time, and had an easy summmer. "The Summer of Jerry!"

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